Monday, November 26, 2012

4 Day Layover

The larger of the two mosaics is in the ladies room.

We start by scraping off some plaster.  We never install on something that is water soluble.

Mike is patching up the seams so everything is secure and even.

This is the men's restroom and the mosaic is 3 feet smaller.

In addition to the beautiful stone throughout, one of the nicest things about these new restrooms is that they have large windows, uncommon for airport restrooms.

Our first piece.

After we finish installing, we go around and correct any missing, broken, or out of place pieces. It's much easier to do this while the mortar is still wet.

The sunset view from the window inside the ladies room.

End of day 1!
Our second day at the airport.

We start the day by moving the men's mosaic into the men's room.

A few adjustments are needed to have a consistent grout line around the whole piece.

The first piece out of nine goes on the wall.

A view of the underside of the mosaic is still pretty cool looking.

Some minor fixes are needed.

End of day 2!
Our third day of work.
While I continue peeling Mike tests a small area for the grout color.

After it dries and the color looks good, we grout the whole thing.

End of day 3!
Our fourth and last day of work at the airport.
Mike mixes the grout, the same combination (earth and charcoal grey) for the ladies room.

Ricardo and Valentina in our glazing studio are able to create effects that resemble tree bark.

End of day 4!